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Merchant Fees

Coinify merchants are not charged any sign up fees or payment processing fees.



  • If you sell an item for €100 and your account currency is in EUR, €100 will be credited to your account.

  • If your payout account is also denominated in EUR and within the SEPA region, €100 will be sent to your bank account.


1. Does My Account Currency Have an Effect on the Fees I Have to Pay?

  • If the currency for a payment is different than the merchant's account currency, there is a small conversion margin applied.

  • The foreign currency exchange rates we use are from Open Exchange Rates and are mid-market forex rates.

  • There is a small foreign exchange margin payable by the merchant for such currency differences.



!Please Note: We recommend that merchants use the same currency for payments, account currency, and payouts to lower their costs.


2. What Impact Does the Type of a Payment Account Have on Fees?

  • If your payout requires an international transfer there is a bank wire fee applied. Please read: 'Bank payouts minimum and pricing' for more information regarding bank charges on payouts.

  • If your account currency is Bitcoin, the BTC amount credited to your Merchant balance is based on the last market price for the currency pair USD/BTC. 


!Please Note: Coinify merchants can choose to set the last market price as the rate to use for their payments to give customers a lower Bitcoin amount to pay. However by doing so, any applicable currency margins, processing, and risk fees will be payable by the merchant. The cost is variable depending on the currency pairs involved

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 01/06/2018
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