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Can I Ask for a Refund?

For Card Orders:  

Technically, the system does not allow you to ask for a refund because you have the option of cancelling the order, as long as you do it before the card is charged.

Nevertheless, refunds are issued: 

  • If the payment transaction flow is not completed entirely

  • If the risk engine flags your transaction after the card is charged

This engine makes automatic evaluations on all transactions.  In the rare case of a transaction being flagged after the card is charged, the order will be rejected, a refund will automatically be issued and you will be notified via email. 

!Please Note: In case a refund has been issued, it might take a few extra days for the funds to reach your account given that it depends entirely on bank processing times. 

For Bank Orders:

Likewise, you are more than welcome to cancel the order before sending the bank transfer to Coinify. These orders can be cancelled from the 'Trade History' menu on Coinify Trade, or from the 'Order History' menu in your Blockchain wallet.

A cancellation has no effect once the bank transfer has been sent. The order will be processed and the Bitcoins you purchased will be delivered accordingly.

Additionally, there are cases when Coinify will not process Bank Orders and will issue a refund instead. Bear in mind that Administrative Fees will be applied!

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Published Date = 12/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 24/05/2018
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