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Can I Cancel a Sell Order?

1. myCoinify Trade Platform

You are able to cancel sell orders from 'Trade History' in your Coinify Trade account if you change your mind before sending the bitcoins.

This option is also useful to get rid of pending orders taking up part of your daily limit.

IMPORTANT: The cancellation of sell orders has no effect once we receive your bitcoins. The cancelation of sell orders Coinify is already processing will not result in a refund. Bitcoin refunds are only issued in exceptional cases and you can read more about that here: Reasons Leading to Sell Orders Not Being Processed.

2. Blockchain Wallet 

When you place a sell order from your Blockchain wallet, bitcoins are sent out automatically after confirming the sell order details, so canceling the order is not possible. It is for this reason that we ask you to double-check your order before confirming it. Make sure you use a bank account in your name that can receive a payout of the currency selected. 


  • Spouse's and Corporate accounts will be considered a 3rd party even if you are the owner of such a company (for corporate accounts). 
  • For the successful completion of your order, it is critical to make sure that your bank accepts bank transfers from companies working with virtual currencies. It is the customer's responsibility to check it before sending us Bitcoins. If your bank does not accept Coinify's transfer, the amount sent will bounce back and we will have to resend it to another account in your name or issue a BTC refund. Bear in mind that resending and refunding might incur administrative fees. Besides, any additional fees the banks involved might charge are to be paid by the customer.

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Published Date = 12/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 09/01/2020
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