Start a conversation - Fees, Account Levels And Daily Limits

1. Payment Fees:

    Buy with card inside the EU/EEA: 3.5%

    Buy with card outside the EU/EEA: 5.5%

    Buy Bank: 0.75%

2. Account Levels:

Level 1: It is the initial level and all new users start at this level.
!Please Note: That this level does not allow you to buy with a bank transfer.

Level 2: To advance to level 2, you need to go through an identity verification process which requires uploading an identity document such as passport, national ID or driver's license. Learn more about it here.

Level 3: To upgrade your account to Level 3, you have to reach a total volume of at least €1,000 bank (buy OR sell) orders completed and wait 5 days security delay. During the 5 days security delay, you will be able to trade as normal still having the Level 2 limits.

3. Daily Limits

For a quick overview of the trade limits, please check the table below:

Level Buy with  Bank Transfer Buy with Credit/Debit Card
Min. Order Amount
Max. Daily purchase Limit NOT APPLICABLE ONLY for the first order 100 €/for all following orders 300 €
Max. Yearly Limit (Only for this level) NOT APPLICABLE 3000 €
Min. Order Amount
50 € 50 €
Max. Daily purchase Limit
3000 € ONLY for first order 100 €/ for all following orders 800 €
Min. Order Amount
50 € 50 €
Max. Daily purchase Limit
10 000 € 3000 €

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Published Date = 28/05/2019
Last Updated Date = 08/11/2019
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