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Can I cancel a card order from my BRD Wallet?

Yes, you can as long as the payment has not been completed.

You can do this from the Order History menu of your wallet. Once you access it, you will see a list of your orders and their current status.

When your order is pending and the payment has not been completed, the order's status will be "Awaiting Transfer":

  • Tap on the status to continue.
  •  Next screen will show you two options to Complete Payment or to Cancel Order.

  • To cancel select "Cancel Order" .
  •  Additionally, you will be asked to confirm your choice
  • When you have done this your order will be canceled and this, likewise, will be reflected  in your Order History.

!Please Note: That if you have a pending card order and it is your first, you will not be able to create any new orders (both card and bank) until you complete it.

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Published Date = 20/05/2019
Last Updated Date = 08/08/2019
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