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Buying virtual currencies with a Credit/Debit Card from a BRD Wallet

You can quickly and easily buy virtual currencies from your BRD Wallet. To do this follow the instructions below:

1. Open your BRD Wallet App and select the "Buy" option from the bottom left corner of the main screen.

2. Next, choose an amount and type of virtual currency you would like to buy.

3. Then select a payment method, you will find the option to do so under the boxes showing the amount you pay and receive.  

4. Open the menu and select Credit Card.

When you are ready, you will be sent back to the previous screen. Tap on "Next".

5. The following screen will show you a preview of your order. To continue tap on Confirm & Buy.

6. Enter your card Payment Details and bear in mind that your card has to have a 3D Secure activated to be accepted from the system. Tap on "Continue".

Once you have completed the last step above with a successful payment, your order will be in a processing status until the coins are sent to and received from your BRD Wallet. 

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Published Date = 20/05/2019
Last Updated Date = 08/08/2019
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