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🎉Card Orders Enabled in Your BRD Wallet🎉

We have great news for you!

On the 1st of April our partner BRD enabled Card Orders and now anyone who is using a BRD Wallet to buy bitcoins and is a resident of the EU/SEPA region can buy with credit/debit card.

Two weeks after the launch date, we can say that the initial trail period has passed successfully and that we are happy to invite more of you to buy bitcoins with credit/debit card payment.

Why you should try it?

1. You can start buying right away. Identity Verification is not required in the beginning before reaching a certain amount of a card orders total.
2. Buying with card is fast and easy - it takes a maximum of 2 hours from the time you complete your payment until the bitcoins are delivered to your wallet.
3. You can always resume your order and continue from where you left off. Only remember that the price quote for all orders is valid for only 15 minutes and if an order is completed later a new price quote will be used to process the order.

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Published Date = 15/04/2019
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