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How to Set Up an Account Currency for my Coinify Merchant Account?

To be able to accept Bitcoin and Altcoin payments through Coinify, you need to organise your account and this includes to set up your payment settings part of which is to select an Account Currency:

About Account Currency: 

When selecting Account currency, consider choosing the same as the currency of the payments you will receive and your payout account currency. By doing so, you will avoid paying extra for currency exchange fees. Equally important is to note that once selected, the account currency can't be changed from your merchant account any more. If you want to do this later on, please contact our Customer Support and they will do it for you.

List of Supported Account Currencies:

AED - Uniter Arab Emirates
AUS - Australian Dollar
BGN - Bulgarian Lev
CAD - Canadian Dollar
CHF - Swiss Frank
CZK Czech Koruna
DKK - Danish Krona
EUR - Euro
GBP - British Pound
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
HUF - Hungarian Forint
JPY - Japanese Yen
MXN - Mexican Peso
NOK - Norwegian krona
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
PLN - Polish Zloty
RON - Romanian New Lei
RUB - Russian Rouble
SEK - Swedish Crona
SGD - Singapore Dollar
THB  - Thai Baht
TRY - Turkish Lira
USD - US Dollar
ZAR - South African Zar

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Published Date = 12/03/2019
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