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Why Do I Get an Error "Account already Exists" when clicking on Buy & Sell in My Blockchain Wallet?

When you select the option to Buy & Sell from your Blockchain Wallet, you can specifically buy & sell Bitcoin. This feature is supported by Coinify and to be able to use it, first you have to create a Coinify Trade Account. Typically, this follows as a next step once you have selected this option.

Please Note: 

  • As a Blockchain User, you can have only one trade account with Coinify. Hence, only one of your Blockchain Wallets (the default or any sub-wallets) will be linked to Coinify and allow you to buy and sell bitcoins.
  • Your Coinify Trade Account exists only in our internal database with the purpose to allow you to buy & sell bitcoin. You can't access it from the myCoinify sign in page!

Why Is an Error Message Showing Up Then?

Your Blockchain Wallet gives you the opportunity to have multiple wallets (called sub-wallets or categories) hosted by one wallet which is your default wallet. Since all the sub wallets are part of the default wallet, all of them are registered under the same email address. However, it is important to keep in mind that they have different wallet addresses and the funds on them can be accessed only from the same sub wallet.

Now, remember that with Coinify, you can have registered only one account with the same email address and each Coinify Trade Account can be linked to only one Blockchain wallet. For this reason, you will be able to register for a Coinify Trade Account only through one of your existing Blockchain wallets although all of the other sub-wallets created, use the same email address. This is also where the confusion comes from, since it can be difficult to differentiate between the different wallets and know in which one you are logged in and which one is linked to a Coinify Trade Account.

You get the error message "Account Already Exists" if you have already created an account with Coinify and later you are trying to buy from one of your other sub wallets often without even realising that you are doing this.

Our experience shows, that sometimes, when Blockchain customers want to buy Bitcoin from their wallet they do it from one of the wallets they have which is not registered with Coinify although they have another wallet which is. Plus, they might  not know that they have more than one wallet at all.

There are two ways to create a sub wallet that we know of:

  • To select Sign Up instead of Sign In when you want to log in to your existing Blockchain Wallet.
  • To do this From within your Blockchain Wallet from Settings >> Wallets & Addresses >> New Wallet.

How Can We Solve The Issue?

Unfortunately, Coinify cannot help you with this but Blockchain Support can. Here is what you need to do:

  • You can find how many wallets you have and their IDs by using this link and continue the conversation with Blockchain to find out which one is enabled to trade through Coinify.
  • Afterwards, go to the Blockchain login page, type/paste the correct Wallet ID and use the password which you usually use to log in.
  • Now, you can select the Buy & Sell Option and trade via Coinify.
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Published Date = 20/02/2019
Last Updated Date = 03/12/2019
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