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How to Reset Password for a Coinify Trade Account?

If you have forgotten your password don't worry you can reset it straight away from the Coinify Trade login page.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Coinify Trade log in page

2. Click on 'Forgot password'

3. Reset your password by typing your email address – the same which you have used to sign up. 

4. A message will show up which will ask you to check your inbox. You can also click on the button below the message to go back to the log in page.

5. In your inbox, you will find an email sent from Coinify with a subject: 'Reset your Password. Click the 'Reset My Password' button in your email and continue to type in your new password.

6. Go back to the log in page and log in to your Coinify Trade account with your new credentials.

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Published Date = 28/01/2019
Last Updated Date = 24/01/2020
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