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BRD Wallet - Fees, Account Levels and Daily Limits

When you choose to buy Bitcoin from your BRD Wallet, your order is processed by Coinify.  

While you are in the process of creating your first Buy Order from your BRD wallet, you will be asked to sign up for Coinify and accept our terms and conditions. This is needed to create a trader profile with your email address in our system which will allow us to process your orders.

Please note: 

1. Fees

If you are buying Bitcoin from your BRD Wallet, the fees displayed below will apply to your orders:

  • Buy Bitcoin with a Card Order: 4%
  • Buy Bitcoin with a Bank Order: 1%

2. Levels

Coinify account has 3 trade levels each with its own limits and requirements to upgrade the account.

New customers start at Level 1 by default.

Level 1: 

Level 1 is the initial level and all new traders start at this level.

To buy from BRD wallet through Coinify, first, you have to complete an Identity Verification with us.

To advance to Level 2 you need to go through an identity verification process which requires uploading an identity document such as a passport, national ID or driver’s license. You can find out how to do this here.

Level 2:

Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to buy using both currently available payment methods - buy with Credit/Debit Card and buy with Bank Transfer (EU & SEPA countries only).

To upgrade your account to Level 3 you will have to reach a total of at least €1,000 bank buy orders completed and wait 5 days security delay. During the 5 days security delay, you will be able to trade as normal still having the Level 2 limits.

Level 3: 
Advancing to Level 3 will increase your buy order daily limits for Bank Orders and Card orders.

3. Daily Limits

⚠️ *daily = 24 hrs cycle. For example, if you have reached your daily limit at 05:00 p.m. in the afternoon, you will have to wait until the next day 05:00 p.m. until your limit is reset.

Find below the level structure and daily limits for customers buying from their BRD Wallet:


Buy with SEPA Bank Transfer

Buy with Card
Level 1
Min. Order Amount
Max. Daily Purchase Limit
Level 2
Min. Order Amount
50 €
50 €
Max. Daily Purchase Limit
50,000 €
1000 €
Level 3
Min. Order Amount
50 €
50 €
Max. Daily Purchase Limit
50,000 €
5000 €
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Published Date = 07/12/2018
Last Updated Date = 17/03/2020
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