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Buying with SEPA Bank Transfer from a BRD Wallet

The option to buy Virtual Currency with a SEPA Bank transfer is offered by BRD in partnership with Coinify. See below how to create an order using this payment option.

!Please Note:  If this is your first order, you need to successfully complete your Identity Verification.  Only once your documents are approved, you can continue with placing your order.

1. Open your BRD wallet with your PIN code.
2.From the main screen click on the “Buy icon” at the left bottom corner.

3. Next, enter the amount you want to buy for and click on "Select Payment Method" to continue.

4. From the Payment Method screen select “Bank Transfer SEPA”.

5. Your order confirmation will be displayed on the following screen, here you can choose to complete your order or to cancel it.

6. Then, you will see instructions about how to send the bank transfer and complete your order.

7. From both the buy and trade screens of your wallet you can view your Order History. To do this, click on the small clock icon at the left top corner of the screen.

8. In rare cases, although your transaction has been completed, you might not immediately see it in your Order History. This happens when you need to sync your BRD Wallet to the blockchain. Find out how to do it here. 

!Please note:

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Published Date = 06/12/2018
Last Updated Date = 21/05/2019
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