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How to Create a BRD Wallet and Set it Up?

BRD is a cryptocurrency wallet created to offer both ease of use and high level of security. It is used in 170+ countries.Through their newest partnership with Coinify they are offering buying Bitcoin and Etherium with a SEPA Bank Transfer.

On our side we are taking care for everything related to the processing of the order - from placing it to delivering the Bitcoins or Etherium to your BRD wallet. In this article you will find out how to install and get started with your wallet.

1. Download the BRD Wallet

 You can do this from here.

2. Start Setting Up Your Wallet

  • When you open the app for the first time, you will be presented with two choices depending on if this is your first time using the app - simply choose “Create New Wallet” or if you have used the BRD app before  -  then choose “Recover Wallet”. Be ready to enter the Paper Key for the wallet you want to restore.

  • Next, you will be asked to create a PIN, enter it and then confirm it.

  • The app will show you 12 different words in separate pages. This is your “Paper Key” and it is important to write it down and keep it safe as this is the only way to restore your BRD wallet. Find more information about this here.

!Please Note: After this the wallet will sync to the blockchain network. Although not usually the case, sometimes you might need to manually sync your wallet to the blockchain network from the app. Learn how to do this.

3. What Virtual Currencies Wallets Are Available In The BRD Wallet App And How to Access Them?

When you unlock your BRD Wallet App, you will be able to see the three wallets you have:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum

Simply click on the wallet you want to access and you will be able to see your Balance and to send and receive funds.

!Please Note: When you are buying virtual currencies, you will be asked to enter a receiver address. To get this address:

  • click on the wallet with the currency you are currently buying and select "Receive " from the right bottom corner
  • the next screen will show you your receiver address and an option to share it.
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Published Date = 05/12/2018
Last Updated Date = 10/12/2018
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