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What Information Does Coinify Collect from Customers Using The Trade Service?

Coinify only collects and stores customer information needed to process transactions and complete orders; technical data like cookies used to provide you with a better user experience on our website; and data required by governmental regulations. All the information we hold is voluntarily submitted via informed consent.

We are committed to ensuring that the data collected from you is stored for no longer than necessary. This means that we only store your information for as long as we need it to deliver our services to you and to fulfill our obligations under § 10 of the Law on Accounting.

If you are a customer of one of our Partner Wallets and you use any of the services provided by Coinify, this means that you have a user profile in our internal database and you are also a Coinify customer. On that account, we will collect and store, as explained above, information necessary to deliver our products to you and ensure that it is easy and user-friendly to interact with our services.

Below you can see a few more specific examples of the types of information we collect:

Identity Verification information - full name, date of birth, nationality, ID documents, pictures, address, email;

Transactional information: transaction history (type of order, purchase amount, payment information, blockchain transactional data, trader level and limits, and partner;

Online Identifiers: geolocation, browser name and version, IP addresses,

Technical information: cookies (statistical data on browsing activities and patterns)

Additionally, our trade service includes integration with third-party providers in the form of credit/debit card payment processors and KYC providers. Each one of them may also have their own terms and privacy policies in place to process personal data. By agreeing to our Terms of Service and trading with Coinify, you give also consent to the transfer of your personal data to the third parties mentioned above for the transactions to be processed.

We are dedicated to being transparent and to protect your privacy while complying with governmental regulation. Please check our Terms of Services, AML/KYC and Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Published Date = 07/09/2018
Last Updated Date = 22/10/2018
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