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New fees introduced on from the 9th of August

Coinify is adjusting its pricing due to the continued scaling needs and market developments over the last few months. This is a decision we have made having as primary objective upholding our service level and commitment to our customers.

This affects to all the orders created directly on Coinify Trade (not on our partner wallets)

The new pricing that will be applied from the 9th of August 2018 is:

Buying Bitcoin with Card - 3.5%
Buying Bitcoin with Bank - 0,75%
Selling Bitcoin - 1,0%

How will this be done?

When you make an order on the 9th of August and afterwards the system will automatically apply the new fees to your orders. As usual, you will be able to see the fee before confirming your order and once it has been completed we will send you a confirmation email and a payment receipt showing the fee and the final paid amount.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • The New fees apply to: all orders placed before the 9th of August which will be processed on the 9th of August or after.

  • The New fees do not apply to: orders processed before the 9th of August.

  • All the fees will be calculated automatically during the placement of orders and added to the final payment amount. 

  • For bank orders, you should always send the total amount shown in the email you will receive from Coinify straight away after you have confirmed your order - “Bank Order Created” 

For example, if you buy €100 worth of Bitcoins you will be required to send a bank transfer of €100,75 (€100 plus 0,75%)

Coinify accepts only one transfer per Order - If you send the bank transfer without the extra 0,75%, we will take the fee from the amount sent. You do not have to send a separate transfer to pay for the fee. 

On the other hand, when you sell bitcoin if you sell €100 worth of Bitcoins you will be paid out, by bank transfer, €99,00 (€100 minus 1,0%)

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Published Date = 08/08/2018
Last Updated Date = 29/11/2018
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