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The Good Example of a Support Ticket

Coinify is dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience. We know that a big part of it is to listen to our customers and help them to resolve fast and effectively any issues that they might run into while using our platforms. 
We know how frustrating it might be to have to submit a support ticket and the storm of feelings involved in the process. Therefore, in an attempt to optimise the troubleshooting and ticket resolution, in this article we are going to share "best practices" about how to put together a ticket which will give our support team the important bits of information to be able to resolve your case fast and leave you with the feeling of being in good hands and excited to continue interacting with Coinify's services with confidence.

1. Visit our Help Centre and Read through the Articles Published There 

The articles from the Help Center are written based on your experiences and questions you have submitted related to Coinify's services. They have been created with the purpose to save you time by giving clear answers to your most common questions. Our support agents also use them regularly in their daily work to be able to deliver to you consistent and useful instructions. With the above in mind, please feel welcome to highlight for us any issue we have not addressed so far and features or cases of using our services which need to be described and explained better. You can do this by sending your suggestions to

2. Context and Details Are of a Great Importance

Providing more details specific to the issue or question you are having helps to reduce the exchange of multiple replies to the same ticket and thereby speeding up the resolution process so you can successfully complete your interactions with our services. Depending on which Coinify platform you are using we have listed important details to remember to include in your tickets:

Coinify Trade Platform

  • Order ID - this is the unique identifier for your order in our system
  • Type of Order (Buy/Sell Card/Bank)
  • Where is your order created at? (Coinify Trade/Blockchain wallet/Other)
  • Any relevant screenshots if there is an error you are referring to or to documents which prove your transaction if you need assistance with a transaction.

Coinify Merchant Platform

If you are one of our merchants one thing we can't go without is having the email address you are registered with - i.e. the email address you log in to your Coinify Merchant Account. 

A customer of a Coinify Merchant

Which merchant did you make the purchase from?

What did you buy?

When did you buy it?

How much did you pay?

3. Send us Only One Ticket

We know that you want your issue resolved as soon as possible and this is also our ultimate goal. Our support team is putting their hearts full dedication into it. Even though it might feel tempting to poke them a bit and by sending them "reminders" about your issue, submitting more tickets about the same thing is actually counterproductive as it creates a higher volume of tickets where each ticket requires the attention of our support agents and thus this slows down the support flow. One ticket with all the relevant information regarding your case is all that it takes to get our attention and your problem solved.

4. Check the Official Communication Channels Dedicated to Distributing Service Relevant Information

You will find essential updates about customer announcements, service status updates, newest help articles, new features releases,  important announcements and alerts at our Help Centre (click on the chat button) and our @Coinify Status Twitter Account.

5. Take into Account that Coinify Staff Cannot Access your Coinify Private Accounts or any Other Private Accounts

Coinify is taking care only for processing your transactions. When you open a Coinify Trade or Merchant account we record in our system only the information which is needed to deliver our services to you. We collect personal data like your email address, date of birth and information you have submitted with the documents verifying your identity. Additionally, when you start using our platforms we start recording the data related to your account activity. 
However, please keep in mind that we never record your passwords and therefore we cannot access private accounts. Your accounts can be accessed only if someone knows your passwords. For that reason never share your passwords with anyone and know that Coinify will never ask you for your password. If you have any doubts of unauthorised access to your private accounts, please immediately change your password.

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Published Date = 28/06/2018
Last Updated Date = 17/09/2018
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