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What is 3D Secure?

1. What is it?

3D Secure is an additional security layer designed to protect both customers and retailers during online transactions. It stands for the 3 parties involved in the 3D Secure process:

  • The retailer (online merchant)
  • The retailer's bank
  • The card provider the purchase is been made from (Visa or Mastercard)

When customers buy something on a retailer's website which uses 3D Secure, before the transaction is processed, they will be sent to the card provider's site to complete a 3D Secure verification. There are a couple of ways to do this. Sometimes the customer may be asked to enter a password that they have previously set up with the card provider or they can be asked to enter an authentication code that is sent to their mobile every time they want to use their card for an online purchase.

Once the payment has been approved by the card provider, the customer will be directed back to the online merchant's website and receive confirmation that the purchase has been processed successfully.

2. Why using it?

Once a transaction has passed through the 3D Secure process, the liability for the purchase is transferred from the retailer to the card provider. Hence, if a customer claims that he did not authorise a transaction, the card provider is responsible for returning the money used in the transaction.

For merchants, this means less chargebacks and disputes to settle with customers and for the customers having enabled 3D Secure gives an additional level of security when making purchases since their card is better protected from fraudulent activity.

Accordingly, businesses that require 3D Secure verification before processing payments should be considered more trustworthy and safe.

!Please Note:  
That Coinify accepts card payments only with credit/debit cards which are 3D Secured.

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Published Date = 25/04/2018
Last Updated Date = 21/05/2019
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