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Sending Bitcoin to Coinify by Mistake without Having an Order

In rare cases, we receive Bitcoins sent to us by mistake. This happens when someone has bought Bitcoins from us in the past and hence, they have one of our wallet's addresses under their list of received transactions.

Unfortunately, as these transactions are not recorded in our system and following our business model we do not hold Bitcoins but exchange them as fast as possible, retrieving these transactions costs us a considerable amount of time and company resources.

That being so, we need to address these cases following a procedure allowing us to cover the resources used to make refunding these transactions possible.

Thus, if you send us Bitcoin by mistake and you would like a refund, please consider that a 40 % fee will be deducted from the amount you have sent us. 

This percentage covers the costs of handling this case which is outside of our scope of service (i.e. buying and selling Bitcoins). This includes, among others, tracing the Bitcoin transaction in our system, retrieving the Bitcoins, reconciling the transactions and issuing a manual refund.

If you agree to the conditions above, a refund will be sent to a Bitcoin address of your choosing (minus the Bitcoins network fee).

!Please Note: Considering the complications such cases cause, we strongly recommend that you always double-check that you have selected the correct wallet address when sending out Bitcoin from your wallet. Bitcoin transactions cannot be automatically claimed back as bank transfers. Once a bitcoin amount is sent from one wallet to another wallet, only the owner of the receiver wallet can make a refund possible.

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Published Date = 23/03/2018
Last Updated Date = 09/01/2020
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