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Sell trade flow Coinify trade

Important: To sell Bitcoin on Coinify platform, first, you have to complete an Identity Verification.

1. Choose the amount to sell

  • Log in to your Coinify Trade Account 

  • Click on 'Sell'

  • Enter the amount you want to sell and the currency you would like to receive in exchange. Currently we support payouts in GBP, DKK, CHF and EUR.

  • Make sure that the currency you choose is the same as the currency of your bank account. 

2. Add bank account or choose one from the List of bank accounts you have already added

Please, be very careful when you enter your bank account information. This is the bank account we will send your bank transfer to once your sell trade is processed. It is significantly important to enter your full name and correct bank account number. Entering the wrong bank account number can result in the bank transfer bouncing back, and can, therefore, cause an overall delay of the sell trade completion. 

3. Confirm your trade

This screen will ask you to carefully review your order details, including: 

  • Amount you are selling
  • Amount of payout
  • Handling fee (Regular Payout Fee)

4. Send your Bitcoins to us and complete the trade

You can send us the Bitcoins you are selling using one of the following methods:

  • Scan the QR code if your Bitcoin Wallet is on your smartphone or tablet

  • Make a manual transaction to the address shown.

After you have sent the Bitcoins, click 'I have sent the coins' and "Confirm".

To receive the payout, send the exact amount of BTC displayed in your trade within the next 15min to the address provided on Coinify.

Important: Please read the article 'Processing time for sell trades'.  In cases when we receive too much or too little Bitcoin, or in cases when the Bitcoin transaction is confirmed very late, our system will automatically issue an email with a refund link which you can use to receive the coins back.

Take into account that to process your trade and send you a payout for it we might require from you to fill in  Proof of Source of Funds and be able to present the documents requested from our Compliance Department.

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 24/04/2020
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