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Adding Payment Information for Altcoin Payments to Show on Customer's Website

Our Create an Invoice endpoint now accepts two optional new parameters:

input_currency: Input currency that the invoice should be paid in. See supported input currencies for a list of supported currencies. Defaults to BTC.

input_return_address: The address (belonging to the 'input_currency') that the payment should be returned to in case of an error. Mandatory if input_currency is not 'BTC' – otherwise unused.

It is also possible to update an existing invoice to use a different input_currency.

Once an invoice is created using an input currency, the returned invoice object contains an additional inputs object that can look like this:

“inputs”: [{

“currency”: “DOGE”,

“amount”: 3893.33333333,

“address”: “DAfNsbdWnXnEZwTAZdNWeUZLNqnfFLs5D5”,

“return_address”: “D95Kj5JJiWXH4kjTqHXovF5taxcLWoPNGG”,

“payment_uri”: “dogecoin:D95Kj5JJiWXH4kjTqHXovF5taxcLWoPNGG&amount=3893.33333333”,

“verified”: false,

“timestamp”: “2016-01-26T12:09:01Z” }]


With this, you can show the payment information for the chosen payment currency on your own website. Once the payment is completed, you receive a payment callback from Coinify as usual and your Coinify account is credited in the same currency as always.

Thank you as always for using our platform!

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 03/07/2018
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