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Where should I send a bank transfer when making a purchase?

Different transactions will have different bank account details for transfers to be sent to, depending on factors such as the currency used. As such, to determine the necessary details to complete your bank transfer you must check the information given for your specific transaction.

When you select ‘Bank Transfer’ as a payment method for a purchase, you will be shown a screen with all the required information for where to send the bank transfer. You will also receive this information via e-mail once you have created a bank trade. 

Important: Always make sure that you include the Trade ID in the ‘Reference Text’ field when completing a bank transfer. Not including this will increase your order’s processing time.

Important: The bank account you use to send the transfer must be in your own name. Accounts in spouses’ or company names are considered a 3rd party, even if you may be the owner of the company. The transfer will therefore be rejected and refunded, with a 10 EUR administrative fee applied.

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 30/03/2020
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