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Bank Information: Where to Send the Bank Transfer from a Blockchain Wallet

If you are creating an order from your Blockchain Wallet, you can access this info by following these steps:

  • Go to the Order History menu in your Blockchain wallet. To get there, click on 'Buy & Sell' on the left main menu and select 'Order History'. You will see a list of your latest transactions and their status. For the order you need to send a payment to, the status will be 'Pending Buy'.
  • Click on 'View Details' and a pop-up window will show you all the transaction details along with Coinify’s bank account information.

Make sure that you include the Order ID (e.g. CY1234567) in the 'message to the receiver' or reference field when doing the bank transfer. Not including the Order ID will increase your order's processing time. 

The bank account you use to send the transfer to us must be in your own name. Spouses' and corporate accounts are considered a 3rd party, even though you may be the owner of such a company, and the transfer will be rejected. If the transfer was sent to us not from your personal account, it will be refunded. In this case, 10 EUR administrative fee is applied.

Please Note: It is very important that you use the bank account information displayed only for this order as it might be different from one order to another. For example, bank account information can change according to the currency you have chosen for the purchase. For each bank order you make, you can always access the window showing the unique order details and bank account information.

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 29/11/2019
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