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When Does a Bitcoin Payment Expire?

Since Bitcoin's price frequently fluctuates, we can only guarantee the exchange rate for 15 minutes.

See below how this can affect the transactions processed by Coinify depending on the service you have signed up for and the product you are using:

  • Customers of merchants make payments: the merchant will receive the payment marked as 'expired' and will have to decide if he will accept it or refund it.

  • Selling Bitcoins: If we receive your Bitcoins later than 15 minutes after you have created your order, we will send you a refund email. The email contains a link which you should use to enter the Bitcoin wallet address to which you would like us to send back the Bitcoins.

  • Buying Bitcoins: When Buying Bitcoins with Card Order you have 15 minutes to complete your payment. If you don’t, the price quote will expire and once you resume the order, you will get the new available exchange rate. 

!Please Note: that you have 72 h. (not counting weekends in) to go back and complete a card buy order.

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Published Date = 12/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 30/08/2018
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