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Blockchain Wallet Card Payment Flow

Please be aware that the Card Payment flow for the First Card Order also called Card registration is different from the Card Payment flow in general. If this is your First Card Order and you have not made any Bank Orders, please read Blockchain Wallet Card Payment flow - First Order.

Important: always complete ALL the steps in the payment flow! 

 1. Choose Amount to Buy

  • Log into your Blockchain wallet and click on 'BUY & SELL BITCOIN'

  • Enter the amount you want to buy and you will get the equivalent in Bitcoin. 

  • Click on the 'Buy Bitcoin' button. 


2. Choose Payment Method

  • Click on 'Card Transfer' and then on 'Continue'. 

  • Proceed to check your order details and make sure you agree with all the amounts shown. Notice that the Total Cost will be the one charged to your card. 

  • Click on 'Confirm' .


3. Authenticate Your Payment 

  • To do this, first, you need to press the blue button 'Send Passcode'

  • The passcode will be sent to the phone number you have registered during the Phone Number Verification step of your very first Card Order.

  • Check your phone and once you have received the passcode enter it in the designated field. DO NOT press 'Send Passcode' more than once right away as you have only 3 attempts after which the transaction is blocked.

  • Press Authenticate Payment.

4. Make Payment

In order to make the Payment and complete your order, you will have to enter your Card details and go through 3D secure authentication. 

Example of 3D Secure Verification:

!Please note: Often but not always the 3D secure authentication is a code which is sent from your bank to your phone. However, there are also other forms of 3D secure which are decided by your bank. If you are in doubt what form of 3D secure you have or have any questions about it, please contact your bank Order details and order history.

  • Once your order is completed you will be able to see your transaction’s current status in your Order History which you can find by clicking on Buy & Sell Bitcoin from the main menu on the left in your Blockchain Wallet.

  • In Order History, you can review your Order Details which include your Order ID.

  • Your Order will remain in review for a few moments until all the information is verified. Once the information is verified, the order status will change to Purchased 

  • Bitcoins will be delivered to your wallet in a few moments. 

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 28/02/2018
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