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Recurring Buy Orders

Recurring Buy Orders is a new feature allowing you to easily make so that a regular Card Buy Order can be automatically repeated at a frequency of your choosing. Please keep in mind that this feature is still in a testing phase. Hence, it is available only for a small randomly selected group of Blockchain wallet users which might be the reason why you do not see the option to have a recurring buy order in your wallet. We are starting small but expect to be able to offer it to more customers soon.

How Does it Work?

The option to create a Recurring Buy Order for Bitcoin is part of the card order process. Recurring orders can be set to be automatically executed on a weekly or monthly basis. Each time an order is processed, you will receive an email notification. Recurring orders can be cancelled at any time.


How do I set up a recurring order?

  1. Log-in to your Blockchain wallet and go to 'Buy & Sell Bitcoin'
  2. Start creating Buy Order the same way as you usually do. Under the Enter Amount field, you will see a checkbox Make this a recurring order

  3. Tick the checkbox if you want to make this a recurring order

 4. More options will show

  • Set Frequency: Weekly or Monthly
  • Set Duration: Keep Until I Cancel or Set an End Date

5. Click Buy Bitcoin

6. Complete all the remaining steps of the purchase flow.

!Please Note: 

  • The Trade Subscription will only be started if the first trade of the recurring buy is successfully completed
  • You can find more information about your Recurring Buy Order on the Buy/Sell page and Order History in your Blockchain wallet.
  • Once you have created a recurring buy we will send you a confirmation mail
  • We will also send you an email reminder before every scheduled Buy Trade  

Why Did My Recurring Order Fail?

There are a couple of common reasons why your recurring order might fail: 

  • The credit card used is declined

  • Your user account is disabled

  • Your order exceeds your daily trading limit or the limit allowed by your trade level

  • Your transaction was rejected by our risk engine

!Please Note: That, despite the specific reason, if any of your recurring orders fails this will apply to the whole subscription the order is part of and it will be automatically cancelled.

How Do I Cancel My Recurring Order?

To cancel your recurring order, complete the following steps:

  • Go to Order History and scroll to the Recurring Orders section.

  •  There you will see a list of the recurring orders you have 

  • When you click on the one you want to cancel a drop-down menu will open and an option to Manage this order will appear

  •  After you have clicked on Manage this order, you will be able to choose Cancel Recurring Order


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Published Date = 14/06/2018
Last Updated Date = 14/06/2018
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