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Identity Verification Card Orders

Once the total amount of your previously completed card orders reaches or goes over €3000, you will be asked to upload verification documents which are required under Government Anti Money Laundering regulations. To do so:

  • Click on 'Upload Document' or use the Drag and drop option to upload a document you store on your computer or smartphone. 

  • Bear in mind that scanned documents or images need to be of high quality and legible. 

  • Once the file is uploaded, click on 'Next' to complete the process.

  • Document verification is handled by our Compliance Department and takes approximately 48 hours depending on how busy they are.


  • Having a successful Identity Verification does not guarantee that all your future card orders will be accepted. 
  • When we are verifying your identity, we do not verify your card. 
  • A card is checked by our risk engine and it is performed for each new payment with a card. The card payment verification and identity verification are two unrelated procedures.
  • Until the documents are uploaded and all steps from the registration/authentication completed, the transaction stays in pending status and the order can be completed only once the whole process is closed, the documents reviewed and approved by our Compliance Team. 
  • The exchange rate you are given when you create an order is valid for only 15 minutes. Since the KYC procedure takes longer, if your identity documents are approved you will be offered a new exchange rate (the one available at the moment of processing) to complete your order.

If the process is not closed and the full procedure is not completed within 72 business hours from the time the order has been created, the order expires and an automatic refund is issued and sent back to the customer's account. Note, it might take a few more days for the refund to show on your bank account.

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 17/12/2019
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