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Blockchain Wallet Sell Trade Flow

It is important to follow all the steps listed below.

1. Choose Amount to Sell 

  • Log in to your Blockchain Wallet and select from the main menu on the left 'BUY & SELL'.

  • Enter the amount of Bitcoins you would like to sell and the currency you would like to receive in exchange. 

Make sure that the currency you choose corresponds to your bank account set-up. If you make a Sell Trade in USD but your bank account can't receive that currency, the payout we sent to you might bounce back, or your bank might charge you with conversion fees.

2. Add Bank Account

Here you enter your personal bank account number. It is important that you enter your correct bank account, as we use this information to send the bank transfer to your indicated bank account. 

If you are not sure whether the details you have entered are correct, please check them with your bank.

3. Fill in Account Holder Information

Make sure that the information you enter here matches your bank statement. The bank account where you would like to receive bank transfers should be in your name, therefore it is significantly important to enter your full name. We do not send payouts to any 3rd party bank accounts, like spouses or corporate accounts. 

4. Confirm Your Order

  • This screen will show you:

    • the amount of Bitcoins you are selling,

    • the Payment fee (0,25%) will be applied to your payout,

    • the Payout amount which will be sent to your bank account when the Sell Order has been completed.

  • Carefully read and accept the Terms of Services

  • After you have reviewed your order, click on 'Submit'.

  • Your order will be processed and Bitcoins will be sent from your Blockchain wallet to Coinify 

When you are confirming your Sell Trade please remember that the exchange rate is locked and your Blockchain wallet will automatically send that amount of Bitcoins to Coinify. 

5. Coinify’s Order Confirmation

  • Once you have placed your order, we will show you a confirmation screen summarising the order’s details. After we have processed it and sent the bank transfer to your bank account, we will send you an email receipt for your order. Please always check your email and spam folder.

Please Note: There are a few reasons that might result in your order not being processed. If you would like to know more, read  'Processing Times for Sell Trades´.

Furthermore, please take into account that to process your order and send you a payout for it we will require from you to fill in a Declaration of Source of Funds and be able to present the documents requested from our Compliance Department.

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 04/03/2020
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