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Creating Bank Order from my Blockchain Wallet

To create a bank order from your Blockchain wallet you need to:

1. Click on 'Buy & Sell'.

2. Select the currency you want to buy in and enter your amount (note: the bank transfer must be made in the currency you select here).

3. Choose 'Bank Transfer' as a payment method. 

4. The next screen will show you the details of your bank order – if you agree, read accept the terms and click 'Submit'. Kindly note that the 'payment fee' is not the same as the 'transaction fee'. Please read more about transaction fees here. 

5. The last screen will show you the final details of your order (including the Trade ID) and the bank account to which you have to send money. Please, read this information carefully. 

You will also receive an email with the same important information which you have been presented above. 

Your order will appear in your 'Order history' and its status will remain as 'Pending Buy' until we have processed the trade. Once the trade is processed, the status will change to 'Completed Buy' and you will receive an email notification.


Make sure you include the Trade ID as a reference message in your bank transfer to us. Not including the Trade ID may increase the processing time of your trade. 

Bank processing takes 2-3 business days. Bank orders are always completed with the exchange rate available at the moment when the order is ready to be processed. To start processing your trade, first, we need to receive the bank transfer.

Make sure you send the bank transfer from an account in the same name as the one which appears in the identity document you have uploaded during your verification process. Coinify refunds transfers from bank accounts which are not in the trader’s name – such as friends’, spouses’ or company accounts (even though you own the company) – or funds coming from Money Transfer Services. Coinify does not cover bank fees for refunding the trader in the above cases.

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Published Date = 13/02/2018
Last Updated Date = 04/03/2020
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